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The Proposed West Davis Active Adult Community Current Concepts

  • Activity and Wellness Center with a Health Club and Restaurant open to residents of West Davis neighborhoods
  • Single story:
    • 1,400 – 1,850 square foot detached homes; most will face a walking path greenway
    • 900 – 1,200 square foot halfplexes
    • 1,200 – 1,400 square foot bungalows
  • 150 affordable senior apartments
  • Small builder lots: custom or special needs homes
  • Architecture, land plan and greenway concept designed to encourage a closer connection for residents
  • 2.6 miles of walking and bike paths around and through the neighborhood
  • Ag Buffer, Arboretum and Urban Orchard – 150 foot wide area easily accessible to nearby Aspen and Evergreen neighborhoods
  • Community vegetable garden areas
  • University Retirement Community (URC) potential expansion site along Covell Blvd.
Number of Homes in Davis owned by current residents 50 years or older

approximately 25% of the homes in Davis

Exhibit: Sample Greenways Meandering Through the Neighborhood