Davis Enterprise Letters to Editor

October 8, 2018 I am supporting Measure L because Davis needs more housing of all kinds. We recently had our home appraised for a refinancing and in the appraisal, under market conditions, the appraiser checked the box for shortage. The licensed professional knew that demand isn’t balanced by supply in Davis. Another thing I find [...]

Davis Enterprise Letters to Editor – WDAAC and Race

October 7, 2018 Opponents of the West Davis Active Adult Community and Measure L argue that the WDAAC will perpetuate the racial profile of Davis that is skewed towards whites. I find this argument specious on two accounts: Davis’ racial profile is determined by other factors, and the WDAAC is racially indeterminate. Davis certainly had [...]

Davis Enterprise Letters to Editor – Backing WDAAC

October 7, 2018 I support Measure L, the initiative allowing the building of the West Davis Active Adult Community and its inclusion within Davis’ boundaries. I do so because of several reasons. However, the main reason is that 80 percent of occupants will be drawn from a Davis or Davis-related population. Davis seniors who are [...]

Davis Enterprise Letters to Editor – Support for WDAAC

October 5, 2018 Thank you to David Thompson and William Powell for setting the record straight on the affordable senior housing component of the West Davis Active Adult Community and Measure L. It is generally agreed that we have a housing shortage in Davis and that shortage affects various demographic and economic brackets. One of [...]

Davis Enterprise Letters to Editor – We Need These Units

October 5, 2018 As a longtime board member of Davis Senior Housing Communities I am well aware of the unmet housing needs of low income seniors in Davis. We discuss the long waiting lists we have at every DSCH board meeting. The need in Davis is well established. Except for WDAAC, there are no other [...]

Davis Enterprise Letters to Editor – Empty ‘Support’

October 5, 2018 While the Sierra Club Solano Group has supported many laudable causes, for which I am grateful, we are discussing your opposition to Measure L. To say that the Sierra Club supports the low-income housing portion of Measure L (West Davis Active Adult Community) is an empty statement without recognizing how affordable housing [...]

Davis Enterprise Letters to Editor – A Good Project

October 3, 2018 I wondered why the Sierra Club was against the West Davis Active Adult Community (Proposition L). On Sunday they explained. They favor the affordable housing component; they are just against the rest of the project, which they consider to be urban sprawl. Do they really think the affordable housing can happen without [...]

Davis Enterprise Letters to Editor – Measure L

September 27, 2018 How can we, the citizens of Davis, morally justify the continued exclusive nature of our senior and low income housing market? Our housing market is the result of years of under providing for both segments of the population. When we are presented with a beautiful, practical development that will relieve some of [...]

Raising Kids Around Their Grandparents is Important

The proposed West Davis Active Adult Community place high importance on keeping families together. This article gives a very interesting perspective and some key reasons why this is so beneficial to raising our families. Read more here  

The Keys to Super Longevity

Psychologist Susan Pinker presents fascinating evidence on the keys to living a long, healthy life. Researching the Italian island of Sardinia, home to more than six times as many centenarians as the mainland and ten times as many as North America give insight to what it takes to live to 100 and beyond. Here's the [...]