Walkable Neighborhoods Linked to Cognitive Function

Living in a walkable neighborhood has been found to help increase cognitive function and may even be able to help fight off dementia. Walkable neighborhoods are those that have great connectivity. They may have many people to socialize with and multiple places to visit within walking distance of the home. The Wellness Center at the [...]

Decreasing Birthrate in the Sacramento Area

The birthrate in the Sacramento region has continued to decline, which has caused new challenges for school districts. As seen in the Sacramento Bee article titled "Neighborhoods’ Birthrates Affect How School Districts Plan Ahead," the region's birthrate has fallen by 20 percent in the last decade. As a consequence, Davis schools have been accepting numerous [...]

Gym Location Can Effect Workout Frequency

Researchers have found that the location of a gym can actually effect the frequency of visits. Longer commutes to the gym are associated with fewer visits. As seen in The Wall Street Journal article titled “How Close Does Your Gym Need To Be?,” people are likely to workout more often when a gym is located [...]

Retirement Communities Commitment to Education

Higher education in later decades of life has become an extremely popular topic. As seen in The Wall Street Journal article titled "Seniors Seek Intellectual Buzz," seniors are looking for convenient ways to expand their education horizons. This concept it a focal part of what we envision for the West Davis Active Adult Community. With [...]

Themed Active Adult Community Attracts Attention

"It's 5 o'clock somewhere" is now more than a cliché, it's part of the lifestyle at the Margaritaville themed active adult community in Daytona Beach, FL. This is an age restricted village with nearly 7,000 homes, a retail center and, of course, a bandstand for community events. See the full article here To Live and [...]