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Beginning in 2020 and beyond, under California state building codes, new homes will be highly energy efficient intending to achieve a goal of net zero electric usage. These new homes will be small portion of the overall housing stock. The greater, and unmet need, is to energy retrofit older “energy guzzler” homes. West Davis Active Adult Community will sponsor a grant program for buyers of its homes who are also selling their existing Davis residence to retrofit those resale homes. Paramount at the time of sale, the program will include a streamlined process for Davis sellers, buyers and local realtors with a minimum of inconvenience to all concerned.

The Basics:

Energy Retrofit choices to existing Davis homes will depend on the home’s age and what upgrades, if any, may have already been installed. Following are a menu of retrofit choices that would be most cost effective and achieve the highest energy savings return for the invested dollars.

The Top Five Most Effective Retrofitting Strategies Are:

Homeowners are often unaware of damaged or unconnected heating and cooling ducts. Testing and remediation can be straightforward and save significant amount of energy in most existing homes.

Includes weatherstripping and sealing in attics, crawlspaces, and around windows. Considered by PG&E to be one of the best ways to minimize energy costs.

Older homes often have minimal insulation. This is a cost-effective upgrade in homes with accessible attic spaces. Where accessible, R-44 or more insulation can be installed to reduce heating and cooling energy use. Plan: remove any existing insulation, sanitize the attic and reinstall new insulation to a minimum depth of 16 inches equal to an R-44 rating.

Air sealing of the attic/ceiling areas has a significant benefit and is recommended to be done in conjunction with the attic insulation retrofitting.

For older homes without attic radiant barrier or cool roof, and when ducts and equipment are installed in the attic, installing an attic exhaust fan powered by a small PV panel can help lower attic temperatures during the day and lower cooling energy use.

Install a whole house fan which cools the home overnight during the summer, precooling for the next day and reducing the need for cooling the next day.

Second Tier Retrofitting Strategies Are:

Where heating, cooling, and water heating equipment is nearing the end of its life, an upgrade to high efficiency units is often justified.

LED lights have come down in cost significantly in the past couple of years and can replace existing screw-in incandescent and fluorescent lamps where lighting has not already been upgraded.

Encourage buyers to purchase new energy efficient appliances for their home and coordinate recycling of existing inefficient appliances.

Upgrading sink fixtures, showerheads, and toilets with low- flow units can save both energy and water.

For homes with single pane windows.

In existing homes where there is available unshaded roof area available for PV.